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Vitalin - Media Coverage

Magic Powder Rejuvenates Your Cells

By Ms. Odetta Danin - a Leading Israeli Consumer Affairs Journalist

About a year ago, a gentleman from Haifa, named Eli Eilon, the managing director of REVITA Health Corp. (Israel), contacted me and suggested I try a certain natural powder (containing only natural and Kosher ingredients), which would stimulate the body to naturally produce Growth Hormones.

Growth Hormone is the famous "Youth hormone", godfather of all hormones, which can really make you look "16 years-old and blond with blue eyes" as the joke goes.

Since we are not, I repeat - not referring to the famous, though controversial Growth Hormone injections, but to a nutritional supplement that stimulates the body to produce this hormone naturally, I thought for a moment, and decided to try his product. I said to him: "Listen, suppose I try the powder and after a while I tell you that I feel terrific - what's the big deal - I always feel terrific, even when I feel lousy."

But, if I have a blood-test done before, during and after 6 months, and the Growth Hormone levels actually improve, then it definitely works, right?

He took up the challenge and agreed.

So here is the news. First: it is (ie. Growth Hormone level) measured in particles, which are zero, point, eight zeroes and then a number. So, to save space it's called a nano gram (ng) per one milliliter of blood.

My first blood test, on March 23, 2000, showed 0.3 ng/ml. The second test, on May 14, 2000, showed 2.6 ng/ml. On September 16, 2000 I took another test, which showed 5.2 ng/ml (for your information - the minimum is 0.06 and the maximum is 5.0).

In short, in less than 6 months (during which I confess I sometimes faked it: didn't take the entire dose, didn't take it on time and so on) my Growth Hormone level showed an increase of 967%, which means that this thing does the job, definitely.

VITALIN is produced in the U.S.A and has the approval of "Free Sale Certificate" in the USA and the Israeli Ministry of Health (unlike many other powders that find their way to Israel, and sometimes contain added ingredients prohibited by the Ministry of Health!).

Besides the decisive blood-test results, I also have a list of well-respected Israeli professors and physicians (whose names are kept at our desk) who strongly recommend their patients to use the product.

Now, who invented the wheel, and why?

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What is Growth Hormone?

It is the hormone that serves as the main regulator and "supervises" our internal hormonal release system, and it is responsible for the renewal and integration of our tissues and the strengthening of our immune system.

According to scientific and medical opinion since 1990, this is the direct factor responsible for the repair, the slowdown and the prevention of aging. Clinical studies performed throughout the world (of people aged 30 to 85) for the last 14 years, both through injections of Growth Hormone and through different stimulating ingredients (such as VITALIN), have resulted in an average biological rejuvenation of 10 to 20 years.

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What Does it Do?

This is not a medical recommendation, and a doctor should be consulted, but clinical tests of the product proved that it caused an improvement to the function of inner organs and their size (heart, liver, spleen, kidneys and all the glands) and more flexibility and rejuvenation of heart muscles. It eases hypertension problems, since one of its activities is to make the cardiovascular system more flexible and function better.

It also improves metabolism, enhances physical vitality, improves the density of the bones, repairs cartilage deficiency, renews tissues and stimulates the growth of nails and hair. It improves sight, memory and concentration ability, improves the cholesterol rates and the function of the lymph glands.

The increase of Growth Hormone level also causes a re-balancing of the pituitary, the thyroid and the adrenal glands, and also the ovaries, testicular and prostate glands, and others.

Growth Hormone has an incredible effect on the level of Lipids in the blood (decrease of bad cholesterol and increase of good cholesterol) and also converts fat mass into muscle mass (the aim for successful dieting).

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What are the Differences Between Growth Hormone Injections and the VITALIN Powder?

Growth hormone itself (in its synthetic form) can only be introduced to the body by subcutaneous injection (direct injection into the tissues), which raises its levels in our body.

The advantage of injections: a relatively rapid result and the possibility to raise the hormone level as is optimal for every age.

The disadvantage of injections: not permitted for old-age patients (except in the U.S.A.), is very high cost of about $ 1,000 per month and immune system rejection (as happens with any foreign object or transplant). In addition, the liver is "bombarded" with an excessive amount of hormone, which might cause cirrhosis, and possibility of overdosing, which is worse than hormone deficiency and the fact that the injections can only be given under full medical supervision.

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Advantages of VITALIN

It contains simple ingredients, common amino acids just like those we find in our food every day (milk, soy, meat, fish, and vegetables with high protein content). It is entirely designed to naturally increase the level of Growth Hormone in our body and by our own body, and therefore there is no rejection by our immune system and no possibility of an overdose. It is safe to use, comparatively inexpensive (being sold in a 6-month package at 1,200 NIS, so it is only 200 NIS per month), it has no side effects and can be taken by anyone (with some exceptions noted hereunder); it does not require a prescription or medical supervision.

Disadvantages of VITALIN when compared to the injections: its results are slower (results are seen only after 6 months of continuous use). Its ability to increase the level is limited to a rejuvenation of only 10 to 20 years. But all these "disadvantages" are negligible when compared to its advantages.

How Do We Check our Growth Hormone Levels?

A blood test is done before we start using it, and after 6 months of use. The test is done at a private clinic for a cost of 1,040 NIS (the test is not covered by Kupat Holim).

The test is for:

  1. GH levels
  2. IGF-1 levels (the main factor in the blood after the hormone is decomposed in the liver)
  3. Insulin levels, as a basis for comparison

And also:

Another test to be done is fat and muscle mass (140 NIS) at the nutritional centers of various hospitals.

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When to Start Taking VITALIN?

From age 20-25 and over, all of us (women and men) go through an average decrease of 14% in the Growth Hormone per each decade of age. Therefore it is recommended that we start taking it as of age 30, in order to maintain and prevent.

The powder should be mixed only with non-carbonated water. It's to be taken only on an empty stomach or the powder's effectiveness is completely lost.

An empty stomach here means: at least 3 hours after eating before taking it and then 45 minutes before eating again. I found that the best time to take the powder is upon getting up in the morning, keeping your stomach empty is more important than timing.

Those who weigh over 70 kilograms should take 1 and a half scoops in the morning and 1 and a half scoops in the evening. Those who weigh below 70 kilograms should take 1 scoop each morning and 1 in the evening. If you can't take it twice a day, don't take the whole dose at once. A half hour before physical exercise (if you haven't eaten for 3 hours before and you are on an empty stomach, as specified). You can take an extra scoop with your regular dose or in addition to it, no harm will be caused, and fitness results will accelerate.

Is VITALIN Restricted to Specific Illnesses and Does it Have Side Effects?

The Ministry of Health requires patients with chronic illness and patients who undergo active oncology treatments, and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding to consult with their doctor.

Patients who are taking other medicines (and especially women who take hormones) should continue to consume their medication but separately from VITALIN, which must be taken on an empty stomach. Diabetics may also take this product without a prescription, and it has no side effects, except for people who may suffer from Niacin sensitivity, which produces blushing that disappears after 20-30 minutes, and this side effect ceases after several uses. At the beginning, you may experience some nausea and lack of energy, but this is resolved by taking the product in the evening. It's really s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g!

(This article was published in Israel, by "Yediot Acharonot, musaf Shiv'a Yamim, Oct. 27th 2000)

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