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Vitalin: The Natural Growth Hormone Booster

In-Depth Background


Introduction: Growth Hormone and REVITA Health Corp.

Since the beginning of the last century the average human life expectancy has almost doubled. However, longer life is not necessarily a blessing. Chronic ailments and low life quality are typical to aging people. Many endure long years of suffering. To many, extended life span may be a curse.

All of us wish that we could extend our life while eliminating, or at least reducing, most symptoms of aging (like the loss of vitality and youthfulness, wrinkling, chronic diseases, aches and pains etc.)

Our main concern, as we age, should be to cope with the years to come and attain the best possible quality of life.

REVITA Health Corp.'s goal is to introduce the safest and most advanced supplements known. Our supplements are targeted at the slowdown and even reversing of some of the aging process. We are convinced that supplementing your nutrition with the right supplements can lead to a healthy, active prolonged life. Healthy long life is probably the most common goal shared by all living humans. Adopting the right dietary supplements together with a balanced program of exercise and nutrition may extend the healthy portion of your life by much. This form of adaptation may be seen as "preventive maintenance". Based on today's knowledge it is possible more than ever before.

Revita's "VITALIN" is a nutritional/dietary supplement which stimulates the pituitary gland to produce quantities of increased Growth Hormone (GH) naturally. Scientific research and clinical studies in the last two decades have proven that the decrease in production of GH, which is associated with "normal" aging, is the main cause for what we perceive as "aging". Diseases like osteoporosis, degeneration of inner and outer organs, wrinkling, loss of muscle mass and increase in fat tissue, reduction in libido and potency etc. are associated with the aging process. Today, it is absolutely clear that by increasing the level of Growth Hormone in our blood to the level, which we had in our twenties, we can achieve a significant slowdown and even some reversal of the aging process, while strengthening our skeletons, muscles, internal organs and our immune system.

Raising Growth Hormone levels in our body and combining it with the correct nutrition and physical activity will significantly improve our quality of life and extend it. Life spans of 100-120 years, for middle-aged people of today are considered to be an achievable reality.

photoVITALIN is designed for people 30 years old and over. An increased production of the Growth Hormone is beneficial at any age above 30. An early start with hormonal enhancement will delay and even prevent aging processes amongst younger people. It will slow, and even correct to a certain extent, some of the symptoms amongst older people.

VITALIN consists of certain Amino Acids, added vitamins and antioxidants. VITALIN is currently sold in the USA under a "Certificate of Free Sale" as a nutritional supplement. Vitalin is also approved for sale, without a prescription, by the Israeli and the Netherlands's Ministries of Health. Thus, VITALIN may be purchased and consumed without a prescription. It is known to be safe, consisting of natural and pure ingredients (which are found naturally in many of the foods which we consume daily) and has no harmful side effects. VITALIN is an efficient, natural and most cost effective way to increase Growth Hormone secretion with all the proven benefits associated with it.

VITALIN in itself is a dietary supplement. As such, it has no direct medicinal properties and is therefore approved for sale and consumption without a doctor's prescription. The deceleration in aging and improvement in one's negative aging symptoms are actually attained due to the increase in the self-secretion of Growth Hormone, by the Pituitary Gland. This increase in natural GH production levels is occurring as a response of the pituitary to the natural ingredients, which are contained in VITALIN. This natural response may be achieved easily by taking VITALIN as directed.

VITALIN is an innovative, natural, simple, safe and cost effective method to increase the level of Growth Hormone, without any of the side effects typical to synthetic GH injections.

photoThe improvements due to consuming VITALIN will not take place overnight. Changes will happen gradually and slowly. After regular and correct consumption of 3 to 6 weeks, you should expect a significant (measurable) increase in Growth Hormone levels in your blood. After continuous use of about six months, further, recognizable improvements will occur (i.e. improved general appearance and vitality, positive changes in muscle/fat mass ratio, better immune system performance etc.)

VITALIN is designed for people who wish to remain active and healthy together with prolonged life quality and enjoyment. Some VITALIN users are active celebrities, physicians, business people and career oriented individuals. The common denominator to all of them is the realization that a natural mode of "preventive maintenance" is a precondition towards prolonged, enjoyable life.

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Aging and GH (Growth Hormone)

Our life expectancy has nearly doubled over the past century. Further, our life average expectancy tripled compared to what it was 2,000 years ago. Longevity came with the progress in modern medicine, the development of immunization methods and conquering of mass epidemic diseases, antibiotics, organ implants and cancer research. All this resulted with extended life expectancy, but often with chronic, slow and painful degeneration, which we call "aging".

Along human history, old age and its symptoms were considered to be inevitable. We perceive old people as wrinkled, thinned-hair, spindly and covered in age spots. Their waists grow wider, while their upper body and legs become shriveled. They are bent, fragile, suffer many pains and demonstrate weakness. Breath is heavy; sight and hearing are deteriorated. External symptoms are often accompanied by inner changes such as: hypertension, immune deficiencies, muscle mass decrease, weakening or absence of sex drive, shriveling of inner organs, osteoporosis, reduced flexibility of the cardiovascular system, loss of skin thickness and flexibility and so on.

Until recently, those symptoms were considered inevitable. Conventional medicine succeeded in providing humans with an average life expectancy of about 80 years. Today, a growing number of people are alive at the age of 90 and 100 years, but many spend those years in sickness and continuous suffering.

photoScientific research and experimentation have led to astonishing discoveries, amongst them:

  • Aging is a kind of chronic illness, which affects all human beings. Aging is treatable. Its progress may be slowed down, some of the symptoms may be reversed and some of the damage it causes may be repaired.
  • The main reason for aging is due to changes in hormonal functioning, and in particular - the gradual decrease in Growth Hormone levels. Typical symptoms of aging are sight and hearing deterioration, an increase of the fat mass and a decrease of muscle mass, a reduced bone density and strength, changes in skin texture, drastic reduction in sexual functioning and endurance, decreased cardiovascular performance etc.

In the July 1990 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine appeared an astonishing report which described the results of a clinical study. In this study, a group of volunteers between 60 to 80 years old, were given a series of synthetic Growth Hormone injections. As a result, after 6 months treatment, the participants were found to be biologically "younger" by about 10 to 20 years than their initial/actual biological age. Biological age may be defined according to parameters such as skin texture and thickness, bone density, vision and hearing, hair (color and thinning), sexual potency, muscle mass to fat tissue ratio and by changes in the size and performance of inner organs.

This publication led to a large number of studies and experiments. Since then, various techniques of raising GH resulted with "rejuvenated aging people", whose look and vigor prove that old age is not necessarily accompanied by a breakdown and atrophy of the body systems. Our life quality can be improved despite extended life expectancy. The gloomy prospects of old age are no longer considered inevitable, as was assumed by most only a decade ago.

VITALIN, a nutritional Supplement by REVITA HEALTH CORP. is an innovative, safe, natural and inexpensive way to increase the secretion of Growth Hormone to young and vigorous levels.

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The Studies by Dr. Rudman and Additional Related Research

As we mentioned earlier, the first clearly documented research, which ties aging with Growth Hormone depletion, was published in the July 1990 issue of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. The researcher, Dr. Daniel Rudman, described his research, in which he injected synthetic Growth Hormone to a group of volunteers, ages 60 to 80, for a period of 6 months.

The volunteers were the typical older people, with expanded waists, little muscle mass, excess fat tissue (even amongst those who were relatively thin), fragile bones and thin, wrinkled skin. At the end of the study, the results showed that their biological age, measured against various biological parameters - had gone down by 10 to 20 years. The most outstanding phenomenon was a decrease in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass, equivalent to that of people a decade or two younger. This was achieved without altering diet or physical activity at all.

Treatment using injections of Growth Hormone had been acceptable for sometime prior to Dr. Rudman's published research. The application was limited to treating children with deficient GH production, which causes dwarfism. These children do look much older then their biological age. This intriguing observation gave a strong hint to the linkage between GH deficiency and aging.

Dr. Rudman's studies focused on the link between aging and hormonal levels in the human body. He found the direct ratio between the decline of GH production, beginning around the age of 25, and the appearance of aging symptoms. It appears that Growth Hormone is a central hormonal regulator for the entire internal secretion system. This finding drove him to test out his theory by providing the body with injections of synthetic GH, which became available not long prior to Dr. Rudman's studies. Injecting GH had significant advantage, mainly in raising levels of GH instantaneously. However, some side effects were noted, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fluid retention and possible rejection of the injected hormone by the body's immune system. All of these negative symptoms were corrected shortly after by adjusting the dosage to the patient. However, the treatment was and still is very expensive and unaffordable to the greatest majority of the aging population. Still, GH replacement therapy was hailed as the discovery of the "Fountain of Youth" of the nineties, which is not an unfair statement.

photoIn another study, Dr. Rudman experimented with the effect of GH on inner organs. 26 men, ages between 61 and 80, participated in this research. The internal organs (i.e. liver, spleen, muscles etc.) of those participants reverted to the state typical of men 10 to 20 years younger. Dr. Rudman's conclusion of this trial was: "The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing older is not inevitable... We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed."

In 1992, a group of scientists from Stanford University published a study, concluding that: "The enrichment of the body with Growth Hormone may result in preventing or reversing "inevitable" symptoms of aging".

In 1996, the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved long term GH therapy for use in GH deficient adults (practically almost any healthy person beyond 30 years old). This approval finally made GH therapy available, within reach to all aging adults. However GH injections were and still are prohibitively expensive for many.

Normal level of GH at the age of 21 is between 3.5-5.5 Ng/ml. It then declines to 0.06-0.2 Ng/ml at the age of 61, and by the age of 71 it reaches the level usually found in dwarfs. Dr. Rudman found that aging people, like dwarfs, respond positively to the increased GH level in their blood. GH deficiency is the major cause for loss of youthful vitality in aging people.

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The Human Hormonal System

The human body consists of about 100 trillion cells (100,000,000,000,000), which compose tissues, organs and the skeleton. Cells are mission specific and they differ much (i.e. a muscle-tissue cell as compared to nerve cell). But, despite this great variation found within cells and organs, our body functions in an incredibly harmonious manner for many years. This sophisticated harmony is regulated by hormones. Hormones are complex chemicals, which are secreted by the glands. The glandulart activity is being orchestrated in an amazing feedback fashion.

Hormones control the development, regeneration and balance of the body. The various glands (hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, prostate, ovarian and many others) release hormones into the blood stream, where they are circulated until reaching their destinations, which are specific cells, and exciting them to perform hormone-induced tasks (growth, metabolism, secretion of by products etc.)

The pituitary gland, which produces GH, is of major importance. It produces and controls the level of many of the hormones (10) in our body. The gland, situated in the center of our brain, is connected to the hypothalamus - our body's main control gland - by capillaries. The hypothalamus gland, upon receiving chemical feedback from organs and glands through the bloodstream, signals to the pituitary gland to release the required hormones, thus controlling the majority of the functions and processes in the body.

photoThe release of hormones from the pituitary gland stimulates the thyroid, the adrenal glands and the sex glands. Growth Hormone, which is the most extensively produced hormone of the pituitary gland, is responsible for the maintenance of the body's organs and cells, and its presence is required in comparatively large quantities. Therefore, a decline in the level of GH is harmful to most of our physical functions, or in other words - it causes the aging process.

As we age, the pituitary gland gradually loses its sensitivity to the signals being sent from the hypothalamus gland. The exact reasons for the decrease in the secretion of the Growth Hormone are only partially known. It is known that a reduced sensitivity of the hypothalamus to GH byproduct called IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) is related to the slowing in signaling to the pituitary gland and a decrease in overall secretion of Growth Hormone. IGF-1 is the by product of Growth Hormone after it was processed in the liver.

Growth Hormone levels decrease with age. At age 20 to 25, an average man produces about 500 mg daily. At age 40, the amount decreases to 200 mg daily and by the time we reach our eighties, we produce no more than 20 mg of Growth Hormone per day. As mentioned above, the level of IGF-1 in the blood correlates with Growth Hormone levels. When the IGF-1 level is under 35 mg/liter (which happens on or before the age of 35) - the aging process is well on its way.

VITALIN - when consumed as a nutritional supplement, enhances the secretion of GH by the pituitary gland in a natural, safe way. By consuming VITALIN as instructed and adopting a healthier lifestyle (i.e. low carbohydrate diet combined with moderate exercise and vitamin/antioxidants supplementation) you may restore your GH levels and thus restore your health, vigor and enjoyment of life, for years to come.

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Aging Processes and Ways of Prevention/Deceleration

The cells in our body divide and "multiply". The number of divisions and the time period between each division are limited. A small "tail" like extension, at the ends on the DNA molecules, shortens after each division. When this "tail" (called telomer) is finally consumed, the cell goes through its final aging and eventually dies. Cells, which do not possess telomers, are able to multiply themselves infinitely (such as cancer cells). An exciting anti-aging research is directed towards the renewal of the telomers in healthy cells as a way to extend cells' life span.

Other aspects of aging are the consequence of strong oxidation activities within the cells, where free radicals attack the Mitochondria - the cell's power units. As a result, the cell loses its ability to consume and produce energy. Proteins go through a reactive process, which results in cross-linking. This causes irreversible damage to the cell membrane. DNA molecules are broken and torn. Accelerated death and abnormal cell deformation are imminent.

One modern theory claims that aging is the loss of the ability to maintain Homeostasis, which is the ability to maintain chemical/physical balance in the cells as well as in the body as a whole. This loss is due to the decrease in Growth Hormone levels, which results in the slowing of the body's functions. The results - weight gain, tendency towards diabetes, weakening of the immune systems, decreased stamina, vulnerability to cancer and various heart and brain diseases.

Another theory claims that aging occurs due to the breakdown of proteins found in the DNA, RNA and in the cell membrane. This causes the cell to lose its ability to divide. Free radicals and aggressive enzymes called protease cause damage to proteins. Free radicals may be controlled and eliminated by antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. Growth Hormone acts as a super antioxidant through cell protectors called protease inhibitor. Therefore, when there is sufficient level of GH, free radicals are neutralized and damage to proteins is prevented. Protease inhibitors, a by product of the presence of Growth Hormone, are being successfully used today as part of the "cocktail" given to AIDS patients. Further, experiments have proven that increased levels of Growth Hormone in animal cells resulted in an effective defense against the damage of over-oxygenation and radiation.

Recent studies show that increased levels of Growth Hormone, at the cellular level, result in the increase in production of protease inhibitors, which eventually delays the death of the aging cells, thus defying the so called "biological clock".

photoAs stated earlier, average life expectancy today is about 80 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, average life expectancy stood around 42 years. In the Roman era, people lived, on average, only 25 years. Most researchers agree that the maximal potential of human life span is about 150 years, and that within a few decades, life expectancy should rise up to 110-120 years, combined with a better life quality, which will be based mainly on hormonal support and replenishment.

New studies prove that Growth Hormone (including its by-products) play major role, combined with amino acids, in the repair and healing of damaged cells' vital components like membrane, nucleus, and even DNA and RNA.

Enriching our body with Growth Hormone extends our life and improves its quality; by significantly decreasing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, atrophy and weight gain (due to a slower metabolism). The body's immune system uses Growth Hormone (IGF-1) to protect the body from disease, preventing and even eliminating tumors.

Heart disease patients significantly improved their condition with increased Growth Hormone levels. Improvements in good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio and reduced blood pressure were observed as well. Increased Growth Hormone levels also improve the functioning of the vascular system. These benefits were gained due to increase in GH alone, without any changes in diet or physical exercise, although proper changes in eating and physical activities will enhance further improvement.

Growth Hormone injections also improved the lung condition of chronic patients. The recovery of those who had suffered heart attacks or apoplexy was astonishing. Increased resistance (by men and women) to the loss of calcium (osteoporosis) was observed as well. Participants recovered twice as fast from bruises and infections. Growth Hormone contributed to a reduction in early death rates, and improved immunity, much in the same way as estrogen, when given to women after menopause, reduced mortality due to heart attacks and strokes by 50 percent.

Laboratory mice and rats injected with Growth Hormone lived longer than 22 weeks instead of 16 weeks showing an increase of 30% in their life expectancy. This life span extension, once translated into human life expectancy, is equal to a potential average life span of over 100 years for humans.

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VITALIN - Advantages and Usage Recommendations

VITALIN is composed of natural, pure, amino acids with added vitamins and antioxidants. VITALIN is currently selling in the USA, Israel, the Netherlands and over the internet to all other countries, without a prescription.

We recommend that patients with chronic illnesses, or patients who take other medications will consult with their physician prior to consuming VITALIN, although no negative effects have been reported so far.

VITALIN - Ingredients:

  • GLUTAMINE - An essential amino acid. (Essential means not produced in the body, found in food). Glutamine stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete Growth Hormone. Glutamine has no taste, no known side effects.
  • GLYCINE - An amino acid that boosts production of Growth Hormone. Tastes sweet . No known side effects.
  • NIACIN, also known as Vitamin B-3, is a strong stimulant of Growth Hormone release. Taste is neutral. Known side effects are blushing and heat waves amongst very sensitive people. These symptoms are harmless, not unpleasant, similar to blushing after a strong orgasm, and will disappear, on average, within 20 minutes. Usually there is no recurrence after a short period of regular consumption. Niacin is known to improve HDL/LDL ratio as well.
  • Added Antioxidants Support - in the form of vitamins A, C, E, with added Selenium, Green Tea Leaf Powder, Bilberry Fruit Powder, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Quercitin and CoEnzyme Q-10.

Directions for using VITALIN

Remember: VITALIN works for you ONLY when taken the proper way:

  • For best results we recommend taking VITALIN at least twice daily on an empty stomach, with water. You may choose to take it as is, i.e. a scoop of powder to chew on in your mouth flushed with water, or with dietetic, non-carbonated drink. Allow a minimum of 1 hour before meals or consumption of calorie containing drinks.
  • Empty stomach is defined as a state where no calorie-containing food (including drinks, which contain sugar, juice, alcohol, milk, lemon etc.) was consumed for at least 3 hours.
  • Between meals: You may drink water, diet drinks, coffee, and tea with or without sweeteners. No sugar, honey, milk or lemon is allowed.
  • MANDATORY BREAKS: VITALIN's long term potency requires taking pre-determined, mandatory breaks:
    • VITALIN should be taken for six consecutive days straight, followed by one day off.
    • After each six weeks of taking VITALIN for 6 days per week, cease taking VITALIN for 2 weeks.
    • Then, resume the original course of treatment of six days a week, for six consecutive weeks, followed by 2 weeks off, etc.

    These breaks are essential for the functioning of the receptors, which react to VITALIN by inducing growth hormone secretion.

For quicker results, you may take VITALIN between meals, up to a total of 4 servings per day on an empty stomach, at times as suggested below:

  • First thing in the morning, 45-60 minutes before breakfast.
  • 3 hours or more post breakfast, at least one hour before lunch.
  • 3 hours or more post lunch, at least one hour before supper.
  • 3 hours or more post supper, prior to bedtime.

Remember: The corrective effect of naturally boosted GH takes time. Biological processes are slow. It took you many years to age to your present condition. Do not expect an overnight change. Half a year of adherence to taking VITALIN is the minimum needed to achieve initial benefits, noticeable to you and others.

Hormonal enhancement (preferably natural) should become a regular part of your life style.

photoVITALIN is designed for people over 30. There are no known risks in using it, as it is a dietary supplement, not unlike the food we eat every day. The prospect for improvement due to increased Growth Hormone levels is enormous and considered in many cases as a "medical miracle". It is therefore greatly advised that we take the initiative to fight our own aging process by increasing our level of Growth Hormone naturally.

Someone said (before we knew about the virtues of the Growth Hormone): "If we could condense all the positive effects of physical exercise into a pill - it would be the world's best selling medicine".

The same can be said now, with confidence, about the benefits in boosting our own level of Growth Hormone.

We recommend further changes in your life style, like moderate exercise and low carbohydrate diet for life. These added improvements do support higher GH levels naturally, amongst natural weight reduction and improved cardiovascular, muscle and skeleton health.

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Results of Clinical Evaluations

The list below summarizes clinically proven benefits as a result of elevated Growth Hormone levels in adults. These desired improvements are due to the systematic effect that GH has on the human body. By using VITALIN you may expect similar results, due to increased natural secretion of GH, though at a slower and safer rate, when compared to injections of synthetic Growth Hormone. By using VITALIN you will gain a safe and natural boosted secretion of GH at no risk of overdose and related side effects- at an affordable price.

  1. Average increase of muscle mass by 8.8%, without changes in diet or exercise.
  2. Average reduction 14% in fat mass, without changes in diet or exercise.
  3. Improved sexual functioning.
  4. Improved functioning and size of the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen and other inner organs and glands.
  5. Improved cardiac output.
  6. Increased flexibility of the vascular system.
  7. Improved immune system functioning.
  8. Improved metabolism.
  9. Improved stamina.
  10. Normalizing blood pressure.
  11. Improved renal functioning.
  12. Improved cholesterol and lipid profile.
  13. Accelerated recovery from bruises and wounds.
  14. Improved skin health, thickness, texture and flexibility. Reduced wrinkling.
  15. Improved hair growth (length) and nail growth.
  16. Improved hair color.
  17. Improved vision.
  18. Improved general state of mind.
  19. Improved sleep.
  20. Improved memory.

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Recommended Reading

  1. "Grow Young with GH" By Dr. Roland Klatz, President, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
  2. "The Anti-Aging Hormones" by Ruth Winter, Three Rivers Press.
  3. "The Super Anti-oxidants" by James F. Balch, M.D., Evans.
  4. "The Carbohydrates Addict's Diet" By De. Rachael F. Heller and Dr. Richard F. Heller, Signet.
  5. "Stopping The Clock" by Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman, Bantam Books.
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