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Mega Spectrum Antioxidants
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Mega Spectrum Antioxidants

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Mega Spectrum Antioxidants - Testimonials

To Contact any of our satisfied customers personally please click on the contact and type their name in the subject box.

Testimonial date: February 2003

Name: D. V.
Profession: Hair Stylist/Cosmetician
Age: 42
Ontario Canada

... I am amazed by my experience with your Mega Spectrum Antioxidants. I usually get sick with flu like illness 6-8 times per winter. I guess that my exposure to a large number of clients is the reason for that. However, I have been using your antioxidants for the past six months and I have not been sick even once. Within a week after taking it, I felt energized and "charged". I am sure that many of my co-workers will adopt your antioxidant as their way to avoid catching bugs...

Testimonial date: January 2003

Name: D. Patrick
Profession: Corporate Executive
Age: 48
Ontario, Canada

...I believe that my experience with your Mega Spectrum Antioxidants is of value to you and your customers... I am checking my blood profile regularly. After being on your antioxidants for 2 months there is a very significant improvement in my blood profile and my general well being. There is a 30% improvement in my cholesterol ratio and a 20 points reduction in the total count...

Testimonial date: February 2003

Name: Heather C.
Gender: Female
Profession: Banker
Ontario Canada

...About two weeks after taking your Mega Spectrum Antioxidants I clearly felt much more energized. This is a great feeling. I never thought that those "simple" antioxidants are so vital for my body and well being...

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