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N=O Fountain - Testimonials

To Contact any of our satisfied customers personally please click on the contact and type their name in the subject box.

Testimonial date: May 2001

N. Almog
Sex: Female
Profession: Office Manager
Residence: Haifa, Israel
Age: 49

I had suffered from elevated blood pressure (100/150) for years. I have been on Normaten (one tablet per day) for years now and succeeded in maintaining a fluctuating blood pressure around 135/95. I began taking Revita's NO Fountain three months ago. I began taking one NO Fountain tablet three times a day and increased within a week to 2 tablets, three times a day. My blood pressure came down within weeks. It is now steady on120/80! During the last month I dropped to one tablet of Normaten every second day. I feel better then ever... This improvement is documented at the local clinic.

Testimonial date: June 2001

Steve L.
Gender: Male
Profession: Engineer
Residence: Ontario Canada
Age: 52

I had a checkup about a month ago, during which my blood pressure was checked to be 130/160. I had elevated blood pressure for the past 5-6 years... I began taking the NO Fountain within a day from my last checkup, 2 tablets 3 times daily. I had my blood pressured measured twice since then. At about 2 weeks ago- it was 145/95. This morning it was checked to be, (to mine and my doctor amazement), 120/80... My physician documented the pressure reduction progress... I never took any other medication for hypertension...

Testimonial date: June 2001

Z. Vered
Profession: Esthetician
Residence: Tel-Aviv, Isreal

Having high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure for years, which worsened after my car accident, I began taking Revita's NO Fountain tablets... My blood pressure is now normal and stable, my cholesterol went down by 20 points and I noticed a vast increase in my sexual stamina, which I tend to relate to improved circulation.

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