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Joseph and Hadassa Livneh, the parents of Steve Livneh, (Revita's President and CEO) died on the same day, February 18th 1998, after being unconscious for days. They each died at separate hospitals, within four hours apart.

Years of suffering proceeded that day. Years of being chronically ill with "old age" maladies like hypertension, arteriosclerosis, strokes, diabetes, heart malfunctioning, osteoporosis and emphysema. Steve devoted most of his free time to escorting them through their visitation with a variety of doctors and experts. The general outcome was prescriptions of pills and shots, followed by repeated visitation to doctors' offices to no end. Typically, the negative symptoms were improved with medications but along with new negative side effects.

Years of watching his parents and other aging patients deteriorate at hospitals and rest homes led Steve, with the active mind of an engineer and inventor, to develop a deep interest in the question of aging and what can be done about it. Ending his life in a slow, debilitating pattern like his parents and billions of other aging people these days was not an acceptable option to him. The final push to go deep into these questions, in search of an affordable and potent solution towards healthy longevity, came with the death of his parents.

His search carried him through conventional medicine, Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, proper dieting schools, holistic and homeopathic approaches, vegetarian diets, life styles fetishes and many more. None of these could produce any conclusive evidence that aging could be slowed, stopped or reversed. All of his findings were non-conclusive. Each school of medicine and health regime claimed arguable benefits. None of them showed a clear, promising direction as to how to deal with aging. Where solutions were claimed, they were lacking solid clinical proofs and follow-up research. All except for one "young" direction: hormonal support, and especially Growth Hormone (GH) supplementation to aging people.

Published research, (commencing with Dr. Daniel Rudman's first publication on the July 1990 issue of the New England Journal Of Medicine), describing studies on aging volunteers who were given shots of synthetic human GH. The studies showed that aging definitely correlates with the decline of hormonal production, and especially of Growth Hormone. Supplementing GH resulted in the slow-down and even reversing of aging symptoms. Aging finally was proven to be mostly the result of continuous slow down of hormonal production, combined with continuous exposure to damage by free radicals, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Injecting synthetic GH was and still is a controversial subject. Besides the high cost of the shots, opponents claim that GH overdose, by injections, may cause severe side effects, like carpal tunnel syndrome, acceleration of the development of certain cancers, liver damage etc. Reviewing the research carefully, Steve had concluded that most objections to GH are non-founded. It appears that most, if not all objections, are driven by conflicting interests. Conventional medicine is commercially inclined to support chronic patients with narrow-focused medication, usually with the risk of serious side effects and the creation of new health problems. Conventional medicine is lacking one vital ingredient: "Preventive Maintenance". In this context, preventive maintenance is the continuous supplementation of declining hormones, combined with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Preventive maintenance may reduce and even eliminate the majority of chronic ailments and the consumption of chronic medication by most aging people. Preventive maintenance is an economical threat to both conventional medicine and pharmacology. This may explain the resistance to supplementation and hormonal support as a form of preventive maintenance, as expressed by certain doctors, medical establishment and even authorities.

Steve concluded that the only real objective flaw in injecting synthetic GH was the price. Injecting synthetic GH is not affordable to most and there is the inconvenience in self-injecting yourself repeatedly. The search was then directed towards other effective, affordable and less controversial solutions. Solutions which ideally trigger the human body's own ability to rejuvenate and provide its own maintenance when assisted with the correct nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Experimenting on himself, Steve tried supplementing with amino acids. Certain amino acids are known to excite the pituitary gland to produce higher, "younger", levels of Growth Hormone in humans. The results were very impressive. Steve felt recharged and energized, with multiple improvements to his skin, eyesight, weight, hair color and more. Many of his friends and relatives noticed the changes in him and naturally asked to purchase the amino acids mix for their own use. Most new users were overly impressed with the rapid improvement in their well being. This led naturally to the decision to establish Revita Health Corp. The mission ahead was clearly defined: focus on the development, manufacturing and marketing of potent, natural, proven supplements, targeted towards "Anti-Aging preventive maintenance".

The rest of the story with its by-products is within our site here and is still evolving continuously. We are working on the development of new and exciting products, together with testing and validating of our existing products. Our goal is to provide you with honest, as-natural-as-possible, proven products which are targeted at slowing, stopping and even reversing aging. Our customers are all aging people (typically people over 30 years old) who seek a solution to healthy, active and vibrant longevity.

We believe that one's self-health, quality of life and longevity are the most important issues that every human being over 30 is facing today. We would like to encourage all readers to learn, experience and take actual steps towards extending their life quality.

If you find the above meaningful to you, please enjoy reading the rest of our web site. Knowledge is the first essential step towards making good decisions. You need to make good decision when your longevity and life quality is at stake.


Revita Health Corp.

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